Meet the Admins

February 3, 2014

Brian David McDevitt, Founder


Brian started AACBNE in 2011 as a way to communicate traffic hazards, crimes, and other breaking information to the community. He worked for AACPS and worked on the page in his free time. He enjoyed going to the gym, listening to scanners, and loved photography. He had the idea for the website and a mobile app (which is still in the works, we want it to be perfect) and started the website in December 2011. On January 28, 2012, the admins of the page got the phone call that none of us will ever forget. Brian had been in a car accident and had passed away. It was decided that the page would not be deleted and that we would continue on with Brian’s dream. We strive to do things in the way that Brian would have done them, and we try to remember him with every decision that we make.


Christie McDevitt, Senior Admin

Christie has been a silent admin for a long time. She does not post often, but is on our team as a partner who helps keep us focused on Brian’s goal. Being Brian’s sister, she gives us insight into how he thought and what he would do. A bus driver for Anne Arundel County Schools, she is one of the first ones who know of school closings and is able to post them early in the morning while the rest of the admins are asleep, or being woken up by texts/phone calls from the school system. In her off time, Christie enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her grandmother, who turned 103 in October of last year.


John Williams, Co-Founder

John and Brian were good friends when the page started, and Brian brought John on board as the co-founder of the page. John had the same vision as Brian did, and together they got a few admins on board to start posting on the page. John is married with two sons. He and his wife own several small businesses in Anne Arundel County. He enjoys listening to scanners, photography, watching the Caps, and following local politics.  John and his wife also enjoy local music and love the community they live in. John is a local businessman with a huge heart and will help anyone if he can.


Justin Byrd, Senior Admin

Justin came on board in late 2011. He was our first south county admin. He is happily married with three children. Justin enjoys listening to scanners, photography, spending time with his family, and watching races at Capital or Budds Creek.  Justin currently has a full time job and helps out with posting when he can. He is dedicated to the community and his family. He has listened to a scanner for the past 20 years and currently has 6 scanners in his home, not counting a NOAA Weather Radio.


Ronni Byrd, Senior Admin


Ronni has been with us since the end of December in 2011. She and Justin have been married for almost five years and in the six years that they have been together, she developed a love for everything scanner. She is a stay at home mom and homeschools their daughter. Ronni plans to homeschool their son as well. She answers many of our emails, writes many of our articles, and also helps Steve with weather posts. In her off time, she enjoys reading, writing, and cooking.


Steve , Weather/Senior Admin


Steve joined us mid-2012 as our weather guy. He is married with two children and holds a full time job. He loves anything and everything weather, and most of his free time is spent learning, spending time with his kids and wife. Steve started “Steve’s Weather Page” before joining AACBNE, and has flawlessly merged the two, posting critical updates on AACBNE and both critical and non-critical updates on his weather page. He not only posts his forecasts, but he also takes his fans through his thought process for them.


We have three other admins, however due to personal reasons, they wish to remain anonymous. We will respect their wishes, but would like to say that they are a huge part of our team and we appreciate them for everything they do for us and the page.

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