Maynard’s Café raises Thousands of Dollars for Hurricane Sandy Relief

November 22, 2012

Friends and employees of Maynard’s Café pulled together and raised thousands of dollars for Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey within a few short days. Maynard’s is a local hang out known for their home cooking and their friendly atmosphere. Lynda Kusick Baker Manager at the café said, “She felt the government was not working fast enough and she needed to do something to help”, so they decided to “Stuff A Ravens Bus” and drive it straight to New Jersey.

A community garage sale was organized, and the event was posted on Facebook. They reached out to their neighbors and local business for donations of sellable items, and non-perishable items to go directly to the hurricane victims. They spent the next few days collecting, and the night before the event sorting through hundreds of items they received. The garage sale took place on a Sunday, November 18. A group of volunteers spent hours at the event helping to sell and organize items. Volunteers were: Lynda Baker, Tracy Walker, Mindy Lopez, Jovita Keen, Aryn Baker, Michelle Baublitz, George Marcusis, John Mitchell, Wendy Inglefritz, Bob Gardner, Bobby Maracusis, Dana Braseker, Patrick McCabe, Paul Zant, Cheryl McCabe, Linda Zimmerman and Katie Detrich-Thompson. Supports filled the parking lot buying items and making personal donation throughout the day.

After the sale, they headed straight to the store where they purchased food, water, and supplies with the proceeds from the garage sale. The next day, Maynard’s Ravens bus owned by George M Arousis, was loaded with goods and they drove it to New Jersey and delivered the supplies straight to the victims themselves.

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