Local Tattoo Artist to Compete on this Season of Inkmaster

January 15, 2014

You may remember the story we posted last year about the cancer benefit for the UMMC Children’s Oncology Unit.  Halo, the owner of the local tattoo studio featured in that story, is in the news again. It wasn’t but a few months ago that Halo posted on his personal Facebook page that he was going on a media-free trip to clear his mind and center himself again. People understood and wished him well in his journey.

Yesterday, it was announced that Halo will be a contestant on the upcoming season of Spike TV’s Inkmaster. He will be competing against his friend Kyle Dunbar. You may remember last year that Kyle had a guest spot in Halo’s studio and they held a viewing party for Inkmaster at Buffalo Wild Wings at Arundel Mills Mall.

What made Halo decide to go on Inkmaster this season? He said that the show asked him for each of the first three seasons, but with him opening up a new tattoo studio in Severn, he thought it would be good for him to go on this season and finally accepted. We asked him what it was like competing against his good friend Kyle Dunbar. He told us that it wasn’t difficult, that he and Kyle talked beforehand and came to an understanding, and that they have remained good friends throughout the competition. The two are still good friends.  Halo told us that we can expect to see him trying to win as many competitions as he can.

We would like to tell Halo congratulations and wish him the best of luck. You can find Halo at his studio, Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery at 2620 Annapolis Road in Severn, or at the Villian Arts Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention from April 25-April 27 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Be sure to watch the season premiere of Inkmaster on February 25, 2014 at 10:00pm on Spike TV. We will be sure to catch up with Halo after the season premiere and check in with him throughout the season!

You can find the article on the cancer benefit here: http://www.annearundelbreakingnews.com/news-stories/black-lotus-tattoo-cancer-benefit/

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