On Monday County Executive Neuman came to Pasadena to visit with several local businesses that are being negatively effected by the State Highway Administrations closure of the Stoney Creek Bridge for repairs.   The County Executive stopped into Lauer’s Grocery on Fort Smallwood Rd and presented the owners with an Executive Citation for their service to the community for offering grocery delivery service to residents that are unable to get to their side of the bridge.  After doing her own grocery shopping at Lauer’s she embarked on a 25 minute shuttle bus ride to the other side of the bridge.

Meeting with Bob Rager, District Community Liaison for SHA she was informed that the bridge is currently on schedule to reopen to traffic on schedule, August 13th.

After meeting with SHA officials Ms. Neuman visited several more businesses to speak with the owners and management.   Grabbing a bite to eat at Jimmy T’s and picking up several dozen steamed crabs from Pasadena Seafood, Ms. Neuman spoke of the importance of local businesses and that she hoped her visiting would make others aware of the hardship on the businesses, hopefully encouraging others to visit them as well.

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