Councilman Trumbauer’s letter regarding pedestrian improvements coming near Annapolis Mall

January 9, 2014

Last year, several constituents contacted me regarding the lack of pedestrian amenities around the Annapolis Mall, in particular the intersection of MD 178 (Crownsville Road), Bestgate and Housley Roads. Based on these requests I was able to have State Highway Administration research the area and propose improvements.

Yesterday I was notified by SHA that the State’s Office of Traffic Safety (OOTS) approved my request for upgrades.

Upgrades for pedestrian amenities at Bestgate, Housley, and MD 178 will include pedestrian signals and crosswalks across the south, east and west legs of the intersection. SHA estimates it will take approximately 18 months to design and construct. Once design begins we will have a better idea of the timeline.

Over the summer, upgrades will begin at the other end of the Mall at the intersection of MD 178 and MD 450. Upgrades will included the installation of pedestrian signals on the north, east, and west legs of that intersection as well.

I am pleased to see the safety concerns at these intersections being addressed. Thanks to State Highway Administration and special thanks to my constituents who worked with us to get these improvements approved.

Warm Regards,

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